Miniature 3d CNC fræser

Youtube klip med test af stepper motor Nema 17.
Engelsk tekst til klippet:

While making my own 3D Printer design, I needed a testbench for the step motors. I decided to use the adafruit lesson 10 scenario and a L293D IC to drive the NEMA17 2,5A step motor. Unfortunately the L293D only tolerates 0.6A, so I need to throttle the setup down a bit, so this is with 5V as Vs for the output side. That settles the heat dissipation requirement down a notch. I also added (0,0,0,0)'s after every complete movement to 'let go' of the coils. That also helps with the heat problem. Just to make sure if anybody else tries lesson 10 with a NEMA 17: Raspberry Pi can NOT supply the step motor at all (Vs). The motor sinks the overall voltage to a level that just turns the RPi off!

Link to project Wiki page: Real Gentlemen - Miniature 3d CNC fræser Wiki

Hardware version 0.1 (13 aug 2014) ser nogenlunde således ud:
CNC Mill

Hardware version 0.1 "exploded view":
CNC Mill exploded view